FAZON MIKRO 5.1 – Small, but powerful performance

The UK magazine, What Satellite & Digital TV, has tested a FAZON MIKRO 5.1 setup with the SUB E-9 F, and the verdict is striking: “[…] an impressively assured speaker package that puts in a consistently controlled and immersive performance with movies and music.”

The FAZON MIKRO is a splendid package according to What Satellite & Digital TV, and the setup with the SUB E-9 F results in a great performance making the package sound bigger and more spacious than it really is. The package delivers sound performances with an impressive confidence and slice of scale.

Here are some take outs from the review:

“[…] the soundstage never feels constrained and even the subwoofer, which again doesn’t plumb the absolute depths, has enough power to handle the explosions […].”

“The DALI system is able to generate weight and scale in the lower midrange, an area that can sometimes be lacking in sub/sat packages.”

“The brand’s proprietary drivers deliver excellent detail and tonality. Voices, in particular, are handled with an assurance that lends realism and believability to the performance.”

“The big analogue notes of Hidden Orchestra’s Archipelago are conveyed with a natural flair, and the decision DALI seems to have taken […] results in a system that hangs together better than many of its rivals.”

The full review is available in the May issue of What Satellite & Digital TV.

Build: 8/10
Performance: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 86% out of 100%