EPICON 6 – An audiophile all-rounder

With the EPICON 6, the Austrian hi-fi website Sempre Audio fell head over heels in love naming it a true masterpiece. The EPICON 6 is without any doubt fashionable elegance for music enthusiasts.

The EPICON 6 delivers absolute perfect timing and an extraordinary musical performance regardless of genre. Provide this beauty with everything from classical in small or large ensembles, fine jazz, hard rock or pure electronic sound, and the EPICON 6 will amaze you no matter what. As for the exquisite looks, the EPICON 6 symbolizes impeccable craftsmanship with its flawless finish and elegant design.

With the SMC system incorporated in the EPICON series, lossless sound has been realized, which enriches the listener with a constant control and exact reproduction of sound. The EPICON 6 is therefore true to your recordings, and with “real” recordings, this speaker enables the feeling of having the stage right in front of you in the living room. In terms of electronics, the EPICON 6 is not extremely demanding, however, the better electronics – the better and more impressive performance.

The EPICON 6 is an audiophile gem with a breathtaking design, flawless craftsmanship and a perfect performance – an audiophile all-rounder.

The full review is available at sempre-audio.at.