EPICON 8 – Sovereign presence

The German hi-fi website i-fidelity.net has taken a closer look at our flagship in the EPICON series: the EPICON 8. The verdict is clear: It’s magnificent in every single way.

Norah Jones’ “The Prettiest Thing” is carefully handled by the EPICON 8 with an extremely blend of pressure and detail processing, which simply is above excellence. The innovative power of woofers and the great midrange makes an authentic illustration of “Don’t worry, be happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

The EPICON 8 delivers a holistic harmonious sound impression even at low volume. “On The Run” by Pink Floyd provides the listener with the finest cymbal crashes and electronic contrails, which simply amazes.

The EPICON 8 provides by far the most sovereign presence in the listening room, and enriches the listener with a magnificent musical performance equal to a live performance.

The full review is available at i-fidelity.net.