RUBICON LCR – Designed to dazzle you

The recognized German hi-fi magazine, STEREO, are the first to make a review of our new RUBICON LCR. With its wide variety of applications, the RUBICON LCR convinced them in both looks and sound performance, and stole their hearts.

The RUBICON LCR delivers a magnificent precise performance proving that this compact speaker can handle any type of music from jazz and classical to pop with its natural, warm and clear sound image. The bass is tight and powerful, and pianos and the sound of guitars fascinate with full clarity. When playing both the Japanese Jazz pianist Hiromi and the guitarist Irish Luka Bloom, the RUBICON LCRS’s delivers a sound with percussive bite and directness. As for classical music, the RUBICON LCR’s provides power and pressure in the grand finale of Mahler’s First Symphony.

The RUBICON LCR’s will meet every demand whether seeking a stereo setup for a great hi-fi sound or as front- and rear speakers in a complete home cinema solution. No matter what, the RUBICON LCR’s are designed to dazzle and change you.

The full review is available in the August issue of STEREO.