RUBICON 2 – Five fantastic stars from WHAT Hi-FI?

The prestigious UK magazine WHAT HI-FI? are huge fans of the new RUBICON 2 and has provided this small beauty with five flying stars for their speed, agility and balance.

There’s no doubt that the RUBICON 2's have dazzled the reviewers from WHAT HI-FI?. The RUBICON 2’s are praised for their looks and the craftsmanship, their wonderfully agile and nimble sound, the stereo image which is simply outstanding and their impressive midrange. In other words – there’s not much not to love with the RUBICON 2’s.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“Dali doesn’t seem to know how to make an ugly speaker.”

“Play Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” and every element hangs beautifully, the piano and double bass just right of centre with percussion floating just above.”

With the track Mombasa, taken from the Inception soundtrack, “[…] the Dali’s hit with force.”

“There are dynamics, scale and authority in abundance.”

“They’re an expressive and enthusiastic listen with little to fault. If you hadn’t guessed, we’re big fans.”

The full review is available in the newest issue of WHAT HI-FI?.