RUBICON 6 – Simply magnificent

The well-known German hi-fi magazine, STEREO, has had a convincing meeting with the new Danish prince, the RUBICON 6.

With two tweeters in the RUBICON 6, this elegant speaker manages to deliver a transparent, detailed and spatial high-frequency reproduction. The RUBICON 6 also provides its listener with a great deal of bass with the presence of the two midrange drivers.

As for the sound performance, the RUBICON 6 is simply magnificent. The sound comes out clear and present in the “Piano Concert No. 1” by Liszt. The RUBICON 6 proves itself to be very powerful, yet combined with a perfect balance that fascinates its listener.

The RUBICON 6 is a great choice when seeking a powerful and detailed sound performance all packed up in a timeless design.

The full review is available in the September issue of STEREO.