EPICON 8 – Top performance

The Brazillian hi-fi magazine, AV MAG, has tested our flagship of the EPICON series, the magnificent EPICON 8. The result is a thrilled reviewer, who hasn’t seen such a perfect speaker in two years in correlation to its price and performance.

The EPICON 8 presents a soundstage with a fantastic focus and definition, which is just one of the things that make these darlings something very special. When playing all kinds of piano, the results are breathtaking and the EPICON 8 manages to reproduce every single detail. There is a wide and deep soundstage, and the orchestral reproduction is at a very high level.

The EPICON 8 impresses with its ability to reduce distortion even at high levels. There is no doubt about it – the EPICON 8 is a speaker providing you with nothing less than a top audio performance.

The full review is available here.