RUBICON 2 – You can hear everything!

The Austrian online magazine, Sempre Audio, has reviewed the smallest sibling of the RUBICON family – the RUBICON 2. With its simple and compact design, it immediately catches one’s attention.

The overall first impression of the RUBICON 1 is that the craftsmanship is flawless and refined. One of the biggest advantages of the RUBICON 2 is that it can be fitted into almost any small or medium-sized room. The RUBICON 2 is praised for its adult and sophisticated looks and performance in spite of the compact dimensions. With regards to the sound performance, the RUBICON 2 delivers a great deal of depth, but it truly impresses within the vocal ranges.

With Lyambiko’s “Feeling good”, the RUBICON 2 truly shines giving its listener both drama and clarity in every sonic detail. The sound quality of the RUBICON 2 is refreshing and lively, and the RUBICON 2 is an outstanding music partner.

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