RUBICON 8: Review in Lyd og Billede

The Scandinavian hi-fi magazine, Lyd & Billede, are thrilled by the RUBICON 8 and provides the big brother of the RUBICON series with 6 out of 6 magnificent stars and the title as “The year’s best 2014-2015” within high-end speakers.

The RUBICON 8 is truly a magnificent loudspeaker, even at a low volume. It provides the listener with a lovely engaging and precise reproduction, which simply makes you happy. The bass is punchy and deep, the tweeter is clear and the dynamic is brilliant with loads of life and joy.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“The midrange is like a wide-open window to the music. It sounds as if the speakers are much more expensive than they really are.”

“The speakers play effortless, regardless of volume. It’s like they’re saying: We have the resources to handle everything you challenge us with.”

“The sound image is big, greatly three-dimensional and very well-defined with a black background, which almost is unique in its price range.”

“We give an A+ and a great applause for DALI.”

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