RUBICON 8: Review by The Ear (NL)

The RUBICON 8 has dazzled the reviewer from the Dutch hi-fi website, The Ear, from the very first meeting: “I could listen to the system for hours without getting tired or bored”.

René van Es, reviewer from The Ear, is truly impressed by the RUBICON 8 in every aspect. The RUBICON 8 is praised for its overall flexibility and great sound performance regardless of any genre. He also praises its ability to deliver deep bass together with an open, clear and sweet high frequency range that both spreads wide without ever being sharp.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“Acoustic instruments have a natural tone that is very easy on the ear and I keep winding up the volume, which is rare, I normally turn the volume down because of the bass.”

“The RUBICON serves drama, power and reality. […] In fact for music like this the RUBICON 8 turns out to be a perfect partner, one that’s worth every penny.”

“They manufacture a well-designed loudspeaker and add that little extra to make it exceptional […].”

“It produces sound effects from movies just as easily as subtle as classical works, playing everything in between with exceptional ease.”

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