The German hi-fi magazine, AREA DVD, have had an extraordinary meeting with a 5.1 setup of our EISA award-winning RUBICON LCR together with the DALI SUB P-10 DSS. The setup has dazzled everyone with its flexibility and its excellence regardless of using it as a home theater or stereo setup.

The 5.1 RUBICON LCR setup is tested with different musical genres as well for the movies. The setup delivers fine dynamics and an acoustically dense atmosphere. As for the musical performance, the RUBICON LCR’s indeed deliver the perfect midway between brilliance and clarity, and they manage to create an absolutely authentic concert experience. Classical and electronic music also performs great on the RUBICON LCR’s providing its listeners with a harmonic and pleasant sound altogether with a tremendous clarity in the treble, and this is a combination very hard to find.

AREADVD praises the RUBICON LCR setup for not only a very solid workmanship, material quality and acoustic top performance, but also manage to bring factors like design, flexibility and compactness into play.

+ Excellent dimensionality
+ Density acoustic ambience
+ Brilliant and clear tremble
+ Pleasant at high volumes
+ Very stable levels
+ Outstanding instrumental separation and differentiation
+ Enormously powerful subwoofer
+ Chic in the living room
+ High performance potential in correlation to its size
+ Available in four colour variations
+ Can be used vertically or horizontally

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