RUBICON 8: Review by German AREA DVD

With loads of punchy bass and a magnificent treble, the RUBICON 8 shines and is marked as a true “masterpiece” according to the German hi-fi website, AREA DVD.

The RUBICON 8 is the big brother of the RUBICON series – a large, classic and impressive beauty. The craftsmanship is perfect, and you can simply feel its strength just by looking at it. As for the sound performance, the RUBICON 8 manages to create a tremendously dense and credible space, both in width and depth. The fine dynamics are well proven when playing musical instruments, and the tones are pleasantly neutral in spite of the punchy bass. The treble is delicate with excellent spaciousness, and the bass is tight and strong with an accurate volume and excellent draft.

AREA DVD praises and titles the RUBICON 8 as a “masterpiece” due to the beautiful craftsmanship, enormous dynamics, excellent space, great treble and overall ability to excel no matter the challenge.

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