RUBICON 8: Stereophile review (US)

The reviewer from the US hi-fi magazine, Stereophile, is in love with uncolored sound, and during his search after some great speakers, he was presented for the RUBICON 8. Did it overcome his expectations?

Having tested many great speakers, the reviewer from Stereophile, John Atkinson, didn’t know what to expect when having his first meeting with the RUBICON 8. The RUBICON 8 indeed overcame his expectations, and is highly recommended due to its clear, clean and uncolored sound performance.

Here are some take-outs from the review:

“[…] as the RUBICON 8s look extremely elegant without the grilles, I left them off for my listening.”

“In fact, the RUBICON 8s reproduction of the top octaves was superb.”

“[…] and the piano sounds a little more characterful in the upper midrange than I was expecting from hearing the piano live.”

“With all recordings I played, the RUBICON 8s threw a solid, well-defined, impressively stable soundstage, with precise layering of image depth.”

“DALI’s clear, clean, uncolored RUBICON 8 joins that group of high-performance loudspeakers, each of which shines light on the music from a slightly different direction, and all of which are highly recommended.”

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