RUBICON 2: TONE Audio (US) review

The TONE Audio reviewer finds the RUBICON 2 speakers 'engaging' and 'captivating'.

"Toward the end of “Master Song,” the second track on Leonard Cohen’s breakout 1967 album, Cohen’s pursing lips sound eerily present through the 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter of DALI’s two-way Rubicon 2 speakers. " This is how the TONE Audio reviewer decides to begins his review of the OPTICON 1. And with that quote, the stage is set.

He then continues: "This remarkable tweeter reveals all the imperfections and detailed character of this vinyl pressing. Similarly, on “The Stranger Song,” the speakers’ 6.5-inch drivers pick up several mic pops — as Cohen hits phrases like “plays for shelter” and “holy game of poker” — doing so with jarring airiness, a result of the DALI speakers portraying this rough but rich recording with loads of nuance and clarity."

His opening conclusion is that it is details like these, that "immediately illustrate speaker quality". Furthermore the reviewer finds the speakers 'engaging' and 'captivating'

"Their most praise-worthy characteristics are their accuracy, clarity, and broad frequency response, with an especially notable bass response for their size."