EPICON 8: review by TONE Audio (US)

TONE Audio has reviewed the EPICON 8 and finds it amazing.

According to the TONE Audio reviewer “The Danes are famous for beautiful cabinetry and the EPICON 8s do not disappoint, the hand rubbed Ruby Macassar high gloss lacquer finish is simply stunning.” However, he does not only appreciate the looks of the speaker, he also finds it very realistic. “… The EPICON 8s allow a guitar to sound like a guitar, a violin like a violin and an oboe like an oboe from not only a tonal perspective, but a spatial one as well. If you crave realism, the EPICON 8 is for you.”

Furthermore, the reviewer says that “DALI makes amazing soft dome tweeters that achieve a magic balance of resolution and natural tonal balance and their implementation of the ribbon tweeter in the EPICON 8 is a perfect example of the Danes doing things a bit differently.”

TONE Audio’s conclusion of this EPICON 8 review is: “As much as there is to like about the DALI EPICON 8 speakers their balance of all speaker parameters, combined with a high level of resolution that never becomes harsh is their greatest strength. The DALI engineers have not compromised any single aspect of musical reproduction at the expense of overall balance, and that’s what makes these speakers so amazing.” 

The full review is available online at TONE Audio.