OPTICON 1: TONE Audio (US) review

TONE Audio found it rewarding to learn out about the OPTICON 1, which they did a review of in their March edition.

TONE Audio has previously reviewed the EPICON 8 and RUBICON 2, and this time the reviewer takes a look at the OPTICON 1.

"It’s impressive how much these speakers do well, with the same natural tonal balance that the rest of their speakers are famous for. Once placement in the room is optimized, the Opticon 1s render a large, three-dimensional soundstage, disappearing in the room [...]"

"Highs are equally well extended and articulated, with the Opticon 1s revealing a lot of sparkle without grain.

"In our larger listening space, these tiny speakers did a remarkable job of producing some bass drive, with mid and upper bass notes taut and well defined."

Read the entire review in their March edition or online.