RUBICON 8 5.0: Review by American Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision did a test of the DALI RUBICON 8 5.0 speaker system and found it truly special.

The American home cinema website, Sound & Vision did a test of the DALI RUBICON 8 5.0 speaker system, comprising a pair of RUBICON 8 and three RUBICON LCRs.  

After listening to music on the loudspeakers, the reviewer was “immediately impressed by the RUBICON 8’s crisp tight bass” and noted that “well-recorded voices were clear and open, with no hint of boxiness, nasality, or smothering detail.”

However, he was even more drawn to the speakers with movies. “The RUBICONs excelled at all of it,” and “I was impressed by how the DALIs handled film music,” he notes. With access to a listening space that “offers a big, theater-sized, live, and majestic quality on such scores, the RUBICONs took full advantage of this,” he elaborates.
For movies the speaker system was tested as a 5.1 system with a discontinued sub from another brand. 

Sound & Vision concludes that “the RUBICON LCR does get the job done in impressive fashion, and the RUBICON 8 is truly special.”

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