A confident performance with great dynamism. That’s how the Hungarian AV-Online describes the DALI SPEKTOR series.

AV-Online has tested the SPEKTOR series as a home theater setup with two SPEKTOR 6’s in the front, two SPEKTOR 1’s in the back, a SPEKTOR VOKAL as the center and a SUB E-9 F.

From a home cinema perspective, AV-Online emphasizes the sound performance as being well-structured and provides the viewer with a vivid insight into the spectacular effects in for example the Pacific Rim battlegrounds. The SUB E-9 F only adds an extra dimension to the experience with its muscular and well-timed bass. Also concert experiences come to life i.e. via Adele’s concert from the Royal Albert Hall where the speaker setup creates a lively and authentic performance filled with harmony.

The SPEKTOR 6 in stereo mode delivers a wide and airy stereo stage with a convincing and well-defined audio experience. The sound is characterized by uniformity and balance, and both vocals and instruments appear to be pure, transparent and without any distortion.

The DALI SPEKTOR series is, according to AV-Online, a great hi-fi solution for either home cinema or stereo providing a finely detailed, confident and dynamic audio performance.

Follow the link for the full review (in Hungarian).

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