OPTICON 5: A harmonic holistic experience

The Danish hi-fi website, Lyd & Billede, has tested the OPTICON 5, and the result is 5 out of 6 stars!

According to Lyd & Billede, “the OPTICON 5 has a little bit of everything… And an amazing tweeter experience!”

They state that “this price- and interior friendly loudspeaker provides its listeners with a harmonic and holistic sound experience.” Futhermore, they praise the tweeter to the sky for its crisp and authentic details. And they find that the bass performance as well as the midrange is simple and good, delivering an altogether great experience.

Lyd & Billede concludes that “the OPTICON 5 impresses at this price point, and deserves 5 out of 6 stars.”

The full review is available at in Danish at LydogBillede.dk.