OPTICON 1: Immediately Impressive

Immediately impressive is an airy soundstage with good dimensionalityHi-Fi Choice reviews the DALI OPTICON 1 in their latest issue.

The DALI OPTICON 1 is reviewed in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice. 

The reviewer begins by looking at the petite size of the OPTICON 1: "small can be good, especially if it’s made by DALI”. They are praised for their small size that conveniently "fit almost anywhere". Taking a look at the build quality, the reviewer explains: “The cabinet feels solid and inert and is quite weighty for its size.”

Moving on to the sound quality, the reviewer is impressed by the OPTICON's airy soundstage: “Immediately impressive is an airy soundstage with good dimensionality”. After a further listen, they comment: “It’s a speaker that revels in its midrange and upper bass.” Finishing the review listening to Eels The Deconstruction, they explain: "The animated clarity and detail are beyond question listening to the carefully crafted acoustic and ethereal electronic effects that run through much of Eels The Deconstruction."

You can find the full review in May's issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.