CALLISTO 2 C: Absolute top quality hi-fi!

The finest details in the music become audible and the control of the low is particularly good.

According to Dutch movie website Alles Over Film, DALI makes an impression with the new CALLISTO series both in terms of how easy it is to use as well as what they call “absolute top quality hi-fi!”

Alles Over Film has tested the DALI CALLISTO 2 C, which impresses in every way. The reviewer mentions that the white CALLISTO speakers come with white power cables. “I love that. Attention to detail!” he says. He also finds it cool that you can adjust the volume on the speaker itself, instead of using “a boring button,” he says. DALI’s approach is that it should not be necessary to turning the loudspeakers towards the listening position, which “makes it easy to place in many living rooms,” the reviewer adds.

Alles Over Film finds that as the test progresses “the woofers start to become more lively, and the sound seems to be looser from the speakers,” the reviewer explains. And he adds the “the sound becomes better and better” and “more and more enjoyable.”

“The finest details in the music become audible and the control of the low is particularly good. It is an absolute joy to listen to the music with your eyes closed and thus be able to point out the instruments in space,” he elaborates. It does not matter whether he listens to classical music, rock, pop jazz or even dance. “Everything comes to life more and more with the CALLISTOs. Voices sound natural and tricky instruments like violins and pianos come into the living room very faithfully. Close your eyes and you feel like you are in a VIP spot right in front of the stage.”

When it comes to movies he finds that the CALLISTO’s lows goes so deep “that a subwoofer is not even necessary.” It is no problem to watch movies with the CALLISTOs. Whether or not you miss surround sound depends on your wishes and whether your heart lies more with music or film, the reviewer explains. “And to be honest, I prefer an excellent stereo setup rather than a moderate surround setup,” he adds.

The conclusion is that the DALI CALLISTO 2 Cs “are really fantastic.”

“No more endless search and doubts about a match between amplifier and speaker and even cables. Simply unpack, connect and enjoy real hi-fi in the modern world,” they wrap up the review.  

Read the full review in Dutch here.