OBERON 5: Five star review by What Hi-Fi?

These superb floorstanders are right up there with the best

The DALI OBERON 5 is the first of the series to be reviewed by What Hi-Fi? and they not only receive a fantastic review but are awarded five stars! “These superb floorstanders are right up there with the best”

According to What Hi-Fi?, the OBERON 5 is a terrific performer: “The Oberons have the dynamic subtlety, rhythmic precision and sheer transparency to make the most of such things and pull the listener into the musical experience.”

Listening to Prokofiev’s Romeo And Juliet the reviewer is impressed by what they hear: “the Dalis show-off their fine dynamic reach and ability to render low level shifts with skill.” They continue: “Despite being compact, those twin mid/bass drivers still deliver plenty in the way of low frequency punch and authority.”

The final verdict: "The Dali Oberon 5s are brilliantly musical and will fit into most rooms with ease."

The full review is available here

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