The DALI PHANTOM S-280: The sound is complete, refined and dynamic.

The DALI PHANTOM S-280 in-wall speaker has been reviewed by Jaap Veenstra from Alpha Audio and he calls it "A worthy replacement for a large, high-End floorstanding speaker"

"What a loudspeaker" that is the conclusion of Jaap Veenstra after reviewing the DALI PHANTOM S-280 In-wall speaker. 

He notes that "The DALI Phantom 280S is truly a monstrous in-wall. The sound is complete, refined and dynamic. Making the Phantom extremely suitable for music, but also shines with films - It can transform like a Cameleon." 

The DALI PHANTOM S-280 is not only praised for its sound quality but also for the ease with which it can be installed in the wall and for its cabinet “The installation depth is approximately 10 cm. That is not so bad. In fact: that is very shallow” and “The Phantom 280S already has a back-box. That is a kind of 'cupboard' on the back that closes the speaker and therefore prevents energy loss.”

Jaap Veenstra's verdict is clear "A worthy replacement for a large, high-quality floor stand. Alpha Approved!"

You can read the full review on Alpha audios website