DALI RUBICON 2 C - An attractive modern solution

The DALI RUBICON 2 C was featured in a video review by Dutch tech reviewer Hans Beekhuyzen. In the video Hans Beekhuyzen offers a thorough and detailed description of the RUBICON 2 C system and it's many possibilities.

Hans Beekhuyzen starts his review with a short introduction to the RUBICON 2 C speakers and the finish options to choose from - White, Black and Walnut. He moves on talking about the RUBICON 2 C setup, the DALI Sound Hub and the BluOS expansion module.

Hans Beekhuyzen offers a serious and detailed insight into the usages and setup of the DALI RUBICON C system, with a focus on the simplicity of installation and the additional possibilities you get, when adding the BluOS module to the DALI Sound Hub.

Moving on to the sound quality, Hans Beekhuyzen says: "The sound is open and slightly bright, but not sharp - supported by a powerfull, but proportioned low end. It can play very loud, but remains balanced and open at low levels to"

He wraps up naming the RUBICON 2 C "an attractive modern solution" and stating that "The RUBICON 2 C system is very elegant in appearance and operation"

Click the link to watch the full review on Hans Beekhuyzen's youtube channel.