6 stars and the AVCESAR.com "MUST"stamp for the DALI RUBICON 2 C!

The french online hi-fi magazine, AVCESAR.COM, has been testing the DALI RUBICON 2C + SOUNDHUB and awarded the system with 6 stars as well as a "MUST" badge, calling the listening experience: "pure happiness!".

According to AVCESAR.COM, the RUBICON 2Cs offer impressive sound quality despite their small size.

"The small Rubicon 2Cs have succeeded in reproducing the intro's breaking bass with impressive realism and remarkable vigor. We have replayed the track several times to be sure of what we were hearing. Obviously, these speakers inherit all the DNA of DALI which gives them a behavior very respectful of the orchestrations and restitution of the sound atmospheres desired by the sound engineer in charge of each recording."

The ease of use of the system also impresses: "The configuration of this system is incredibly simple. DALI has taken care of its ergonomics. The only thing to check is that each speaker is properly connected to the channel that corresponds to its actual position: right or left."

And the verdict? - "In short, Dali has created a complete system of a new type, which probably foreshadows what will be the equipment of tomorrow. An experience to follow and without a doubt will be successful. In any case, we ADORED it!"

You can read the full review (in french) at AVCESAR.com