"With the versatile Sound Hub the final piece in the puzzle, the Rubicon 2 Cs make for an altogether appealing all-in-one solution". That is the conclusion from What Hi-Fi? in their latest review five star review of the DALI RUBICON 2 C.

What Hi-Fi? have tested the RUBICON 2 C fully active wireless system in their latest review and were extremely impressed. The system is praised for its simple set up, versatility and most importantly; excellent sound. The reviewer was so impressed that they have awarded the RUBICON 2 C system with FIVE out of five stars!

The system is praised for is its simple set-up and operation: "Only power and a press of the ‘pair’ button on each box are required to establish a connection between them all". The Sound Hub can conveniently be placed anywhere in the room away from the speakers, and is home to the BluOS module and inputs for connecting sources.

The reviewer praises the RUBICON C's seamless integration: "Dali’s efforts to integrate the drivers have paid off. The Rubicon 2 Cs’ presentation is wonderfully cohesive across the frequencies: highs, lows and mids are distinctly defined, yet never stray from their seemingly effortless coordination with one another." And they continue to be impressed by the active system's transparency: "Their levels of transparency and way with rhythms are among the most impressive we’ve heard in a system of this kind."

The fantastic review is concluded with What Hi-Fi?'s overall verdict: "Dali has drawn on its past successes in both passive and active speaker design here, and the result is a very fine pair of active standmounts indeed."

You can find the full review on What Hi-Fi?'s website, here.

RUBICON 2 C Walnut Finish