Wireless surround

Now you can build a complete, wireless surround system with DALI active wireless speakers. Add the HDMI expansion module to your SOUND HUB for HDMI ARC and eARC connectivity, allowing you to stream surround sound wirelessly from your TV. Both Dolby and DTS formats are supported, in configurations up to 7.1 channels.


Zero Loss volume control is handled at the end of the digital signal chain – in the speakers themselves. This ensures that volume adjustment does not result in data loss through truncation of the digital word length.

Low latency

The total system latency is extremely low at under 15mS, meaning that the signal delay from input to speaker is so low, that you will experience no loss of lip-sync in audio-visual systems.


Voegt draadloos surroundsysteem toe aan de DALI SOUND HUB. Deze ARC/eARC compatibele module codeert DOLBY en DTS surround tot 7.1 en stelt u in staat om luidsprekers te mixen en matchen uit de OBERON C, CALLISTO C, en RUBICON C serie.


Levering van high-resolution audio
Bouw een compleet actief draadloos surroundsysteem zonder in te boeten op geweldig geluid. Centraal staat de DALI SOUND HUB voorversterker, die audio draadloos verzendt tot een resolutie van 24-bit/96 kHz, zonder vertraging of verlies in geluidskwaliteit.

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