It will challenge a loudspeaker system with limited low-frequency extension.

Bo Stief (b. 1946), a virtuoso on both electric and double bass is an established name in the Danish and International music scene. A veteran of the famous Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Track: Heart (Bo Stief)
Album: Heart & Destiny (1995)
Label: Private release
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 2

Bo Stief has played with the likes of Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Philippe Catherine, Don Cherry and many others. He has also toured the world, playing jazz festivals like the Montreux and Newport.

Heart is taken from the album Heart and Destiny, recorded by Bo Stief Dream Machine, one of many smaller groups and projects in his long musical career.

The song begins with a suspenseful dobro solo. Set in long reverb, it depicts a huge soundscape.

Percussion starts, leading to the start and constant (heart)beat of a very deep, big drum, the first hit of which is both surprising and impressive. Shakers accompany it and set the pace for the following part of the song, where synthesizers and electric guitars take over, moving further to something almost like a chorus.

Essential in this recording are the heavily reverberated dobro, percussion and subsequent big drum sounds, the latter of which is impressively low and loud at the same time. The dobro is set in a huge space that should be rendered nicely. Even though the song is over three and a half minutes long, it still feels short once you've listened through. Heart offers an addictive sound that challenges a loudspeaker system with limited low-frequency extension.


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