The track is a showcase of Norby's ability to bridge the gap between jazz and pop.

Cæcilie Norby (b. 1964) is the daughter of a famous Danish score composer and opera singer. She is mainly known as a jazz singer internationally, performing with renowned musicians such as John Scofield, Mike Stern, Ray Brown, Dianne Reeves and Randy and Michael Brecker.

Track: Set Them Free (By Sting)
Album: My Corner of the Sky (1996)
Label: Blue Note
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 2

Throughout her career, Cæcilie Norby has received numerous awards and commendations. In 1995, she signed with the prestigious Blue Note label, debuting with a self-titled album. Michael and Randy Brecker, as well as other well-known jazz composers/musicians, also contributed to the album. 1996 saw the release of My Corner of the Sky, featuring contributions from the aforementioned Randy and Michael Brecker.

Set Them Free
The track is a showcase of Norby's ability to bridge the gap between jazz and pop, as she breathes new life into this overly familiar song.

It begins with an up-tempo piano and swinging Hammond organ, with drums and bass quickly dropping into jazz style.

From there on, the band skilfully takes flight. The chorus features smart vocal arrangements with Norby the centre of attention. From start to finish, the track continues to evolve, both musically as well as technically. Norby's voice, of course, has a prominent place in the mix, the background vocals on the chorus adding extra focus to her vocal qualities. As a whole, the track is very well-balanced yet detailed, offering clarity and cohesion.

Norby released her album, ARABESQUE - A Scopic Journey, on October 4th, 2010, including 14 tracks in various languages such as English, German and Danish.


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