You can really enjoy the details throughout this nine-minute-long track.

Filur is a Danish dance producer duo consisting of Kasper Bjørke and Thomas Barfod. Formed in 1999, they became a very successful act, both as DJs and as a producer duo.

They both have separate solo careers, in which they explore other parts of their musical creativity.

Track: You and I (Trentemøller Remix) (Barfoed, Bjørke, Buch, Rosendahl)
Album: In Retrospect (2009)
Label: Discovax
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 2

Deeply Superficial
2003 saw the release of Deeply Superficial, Danish duo Filur's second album as producers. It featured the track You and I, which became a classic dance scene hit with the Trentemøller remix version. Trentemøller, also a Copenhagen-based DJ/producer, is a renowned remix artist who has gained international recognition and received plenty of airplay in Denmark and abroad.

You and I (Trentemøller-remix)
You and I starts with a long-spun intro: typical for many dance remixes. Then, almost unexpectedly, the theme is introduced. Meanwhile, Trentemøller adds plenty of sound effects, creating a huge soundscape. Closing your eyes while this track plays will easily create the sense of being in a very large room, the sound stretching far beyond the plane of the loudspeakers.

This recording focuses mainly on the effects and overall soundscape. And unlike many other dance tracks, You and I hasn't been overly compressed, which means you can really enjoy the details throughout this nine-minute-long track.


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