Almost from the outset, Samb-Adagio is very loud.

Morten Friis and Uffe Savery met as youngsters playing in The Tivoli Guard Orchestra at Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, they both completed classical conservatory training and became esteemed classical musicians.

It was, therefore, a surprise when they came out as percussive pop duo, Safri Duo, in 2001 with their first dance album, Episode II.

Track: Samb-Adagio (Morten Friis, Michael Parsberg, Uffe Savery)
Album: Episode II (2001)
Label: Universal
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 2

The first hit, Played-A-Live, from their dance album, Episode II, reached the Top 10 in Europe, Asia and South America. With Samb-Adagio and Sweet Freedom, Safri Duo quickly became one of Denmark's biggest musical exports.

The track has a typical dance-song flow. During an almost two-minute-long intro, several essential elements are introduced to the listener that gradually build in layers and loudness.

Then, everything falls quiet and the theme is introduced softly, again building to a climax. From this point on, the theme is repeated several times before adding a short interlude. The theme then repeats, before a gradual closing sequence.

Almost from the outset, Samb-Adagio is very loud. From the sound of a match being struck, you're given fair warning of the artist's intent to give your loudspeakers a good workout. Lovers of this genre will not be disappointed.

However, the mix and mastering are done with taste, keeping details, dynamic effects and structure intact. As a result, Samb-Adagio offers a full-blast experience at any volume.


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