The DALI CD Volume 5 is released on both CD & LP. Recorded live at the legendary Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, this exclusive DALI production contains no less than 17 Danish artists and groups from a wide range of musical genres.

Recreating pride in music production
It's no secret that the sound quality of new releases isn't what it used to be. The loudness war, as it's been coined, has led to recordings becoming more compressed with less dynamic musical contrast. With the DALI album collection, we're turning back the clock.

The making of DALI CD Vol. 5
As with our previous releases, our approach for Volume 5 was simple: to create live recordings with nerve, presence and authenticity with little to no compression or auto-tune.

17 recording sessions at the Medley Studios

Featuring no less than 17 artists from as many different musical genres, each track was captured live over two days at the legendary Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. During each studio session, the artists were given control to influence the entire production, from mic to mixing desk.

With experienced sound engineer Jakob Groth and industry legend Bjørn Engelmann of the Cutting Room in Stockholm in charge of the mastering, the artists were granted the rare freedom to do their thing without the usual constraints associated with music production.

So, sit back and immerse yourself in an inspiring selection of talented artists spanning a broad range of musical genres, brought to life by unparalleled sound production.

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17 hi-res tracks available as a 24-bit/96 kHz WAV download.

1. HUSH - Up to the Mountain (3:06)
2. Erann DD - Sugar Man (4:33)
3. Caroline Henderson - Be Here Now (4:04)
4. Go Go Berlin - Plastic Sky (4:46)
5. Operazione - II Core Vi Dono (4:21)
6. Oh Land - Desert Island (5:07)
7. Jacob Dinesen - Dancing Devil (4:30)
8. GinmanBlachmanDahl - Eight Bars on the Way Home (4:56)
9. Wangel - Time to Eat (4:22)
10. LiveStrings - Norwegian Sunset (4:01)
11. Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado - I'm Not Givin' In (4:27)
12. Jacob Bellens - Beneath a Cloud (5:14)
13. Dreamers Circus - Casper (3:18)
14. Pernille Rosendahl - Feet on the Ground - Rework (4:33)
15. Dúné - Hedonism (3:42)
16. Rhino - Summer in the City (4:08)
17. Zar Paulo - Hills (2:59)


Zar Paulo - Vol. 5.

The Danish underground band, Zar Paulo gives their take on how Danish rock music should sound through analogue synthesizers, edgy guitar and contemporary electronic elements.
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