RUBICON LCR – An excellent allrounder

With five RUBICON LCRs and one SUB P-10 DSS, the German hi-fi magazines, Heimkino, tested an elegant and yet powerful surround setup, and the verdict is: the RUBICON LCR’s are on-wall speakers in a class of their own.

The RUBICON LCR is the perfect on-wall speaker providing the listener with excellent sound at an attractive price point. Even without a subwoofer, the RUBICON LCR does an outstanding job, but it is indeed also a great match in a home theater setup. And adding a subwoofer such as the DALI SUB P-10 DSS doesn’t make bad, on the contrary. With the blu-ray “Noah”, the RUBICON LCRs deliver a unique homogeneous and coherent sound performance. The sound stage of the fight scenes blows the listener away with 360 surround sound with full bandwidth.

Overall, the beautiful RUBICON LCRs fascinates with their unbridled and lively play, particularly by a neutral and realistic tonal performance. They truly meet the expectations of demanding music lovers as well as the needs of an ambitious owner of a complete home theater.

The full review is available in the October/November issue of Heimkino and here.