PHANTOM S-280: Heard but not seen

Stereo Magazine is impressed after listening to the DALI PHANTOM S-280.

The German hi-fi magazine, Stereo, had the chance to listen to the DALI Phantom S-280 and this is their verdict of the custom install speaker.

According to the STEREO journalist, it has the right sound. “There is a mix of resolution and attention to detail with natural voice reproduction, even if the lowest octave is not reproduced as powerfully as with a fixed wall installation,” he explains. And he adds that these speakers combine visual and audible appeal well. “This way you can enjoy a lot of great music every day from speakers ‘heard but not seen’.” Furthermore, he says that “the DALI speakers go easy on your amplifier, too, so that even modestly-powered electronics will be able to drive them. I’m sure you will be just as happy when you’ve heard this PHANTOM.”

The conclusion is that the PHANTOM S-280 is “a wall-mounted loudspeaker with the high-quality drivers and technology of a conventional floorstanding design, the PHANTOM S delivers high quality sound while remaining virtually invisible.”

The full review is available in Issue 13 of Stereo Magazine.