Med Små Skridt, belongs to the more accessible end of modern electronica.

Music has had its fair share of child prodigies, most often within the established realm of classical music. Young Dane, Mike Sheridan (born October 25, 1991), proves that prodigious talent at an early age can also manifest itself in the more experimental, rhythm-oriented sub-genre of modern electronica.

Track: Med Små Skridt (M. Sheridan/M. Albana)
Album: I Syv Sind (2012)
Label: Playground Records
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 3

At the tender age of 15, and still accompanied by one of his parents, Mike Sheridan had already played over 70 gigs at clubs across Europe and released his first 12" EP, Alt & Intet.

In 2008, Sheridan won a Danish Grammy for Best Electronica Album. Maya Albana (born 1973), also featured on the track, started her career in the band, Nice Device, and has also released several solo albums.

Med Små Skridt
The track, Med Små Skridt, belongs to the more accessible end of modern Electronica. The sound is surprisingly polished, clean and smooth. The overall impression is certainly one of massive electronic sound effects, but also that Sheridan has fulfilled his musical ambition to use them in his own unique way.

The basic rhythm and huge amount of energy in the bass are typical of the electronica genre, and this track is no exception. Albana's vocals sound very pleasant but the electronic processing of this track includes occasional 'scratch' effects that may take some getting used to if you aren't already a hardcore fan of the genre.


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