DALI CD Volume 3 introduces you to 15 carefully selected tracks that will delight, intrigue and inspire. You may have heard some of the tracks before, but we're confident that, with this volume, you're sure to find something that you've never heard before. Welcome to a new musical journey...

Why another demo music compilation?

Frankly, we're tired of the handful of demo tracks in heavy rotation at audio shows and shops. The same uninspiring usual suspects (none named, none shamed) are seemingly on perpetual repeat. They tend to be selected solely for their technical quality, often delivering a mediocre musical performance that grows old fast.

An industry grapevine somehow elevates tracks to reference status to show off specific sonic traits, but surely this is an anti-musical pursuit. Shouldn't our goal as music lovers be versatility – the ability to reproduce anything, whether the source is good, bad or indifferent?

Is it fair, or even meaningful to evaluate a good audio system based on one narrow parameter at a time? And should our choice of music be dictated by technology?

Our answer is a resounding "NO!", yet still we release demo compilations… DALI CD Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were well received in terms of sales and collectibility and led to many of the artists featured in the volumes gaining a wider audience. Something we want to continue with DALI CD Vol. 3.

We want each track to demonstrate various aspects of what it is that makes listening to music on a quality system such a rewarding experience – something many people can't imagine until they've experienced it.

Lars Worre, Managing Director, DALI

(Available as LP, CD and hi-res downloads)

1. Pat Metheny - And I Love Her (4:22)
2. Sophie Zelmani - How It Feels (Album Version) (3:55)
3. Teitur - Stormy Weather (5:19)
4. Zhao Cong - Moon Light On Spring River (5.37)
5. Ane Brun - These Days (4:38)
6. Sko/Torp - On A Long Lonely Night (3:57)
7. Sinne Eeg - My Treasure (4:24)
8. The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble - Bop (4:26)
9. Jan Harbeck Quartet - Too Darn Hot
10. Haydn (Leif Ove Andsnes) - Rondo all'Ungarese (Allegro assai) (6:05)
11. Grieg (WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln) - IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King (2:31)
12. Tim Christensen - Far Beyond Driven (4:02)
13. Fallulah - The Black Cat Neighbourhood (4:02)
14. Mike Sheridan - Med Små Skridt (4:06)
15. Deadmau5 - Whispers (Remix) (5:54)


Deadmau5 - Vol. 3

Deadmau5 doesn't consider himself a DJ, since he rarely plays songs other than his own. His musical style is influenced by house, trance and techno.

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