Sophie Zelmani

She often tends to underplay her obvious talent...

Only a select few artists sign a recording contract without ever having performed in front of an audience. But that is exactly what happened to Swedish Sophie Zelmani (born in Stockholm, in 1972).

This unusual situation was certainly not caused by any lack of talent on Sophie's part, but mostly by her shyness.

Track: How It Feels (S. Zelmani)
Album: Sing and Dance (2002)
Label: Epic/Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 3

She simply sent demo tapes to three record companies and was offered a contract with Sony Music! Fortunately, she has outgrown her shyness since then and now often performs live, earning the recognition she so richly deserves.

In addition to her own nine albums, Zelmani can be proud of the fact that her interpretation of Bob Dylan's Most of the Time was chosen for the Masked and Anonymous film soundtrack and was even included in the official Dylan release. She really has no reason to be shy anymore.

How It Feels
How it Feels is the final track on Zelmani's fourth album from 2002. We have listened to this track hundreds of times and even though it tends to be slightly monotonous in its musical structure, it contains a myriad of fascinating details. This is very typical of Zelmani's style in general.

She often tends to underplay her obvious talent in her own shy way, but this is exactly what allows the listener to delve deeper into her artistic intentions with each listening.


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