An enclosure in anodised aluminium measuring a modest 18.4 x 11.8 x 10.5 cm, the woofer/midrange unit, the tweeter and the wall bracket that gives you perfect freedom to hang it anywhere, all add up to make ELEGANCE a sure thing, if less is more.

ELEGANCE allows you to get big sound without the big speakers. ELEGANCE is unique for surround systems. A combination of e.g. five ELEGANCE and a BASIS 100 subwoofer offers surround experiences that make a mockery of the ”big is beautiful” claim. DALI ELEGANCE must be experienced – this is the only way you would ever believe that such high-quality sound can be created by speakers this small.

The DALI ELEGANCE is the smallest DALI ever, but do not let this fact fool you. This is a luxury item with extraordinary build quality and finish. It is also a very serious loudspeaker for anybody who wants very small speakers that do what they do every bit as well as the big ones.