The new Helicon series from DALI presents music in a way that pays perfect tribute to our motto: ”Magic Moments”. This is no coincidence. Just looking at the Helicon loudspeakers, your first guess would be that you are experiencing the ultimate line from DALI, such is the style and standard of workmanship. The gently curved enclosures, so easy on the eyes, and the rich realwood veneer, lacquered and polished to a high gloss, spell luxury.

The components and techniques utilized in the Helicon only confirm this impression. Multi-layer MDF enclosures, cast chassis drive units, the veryspecial DALI® Tweeter Module, hand-assembled and hard-wired crossover networks in separate compartments and all the techniques and theories developed and finely tuned by DALI over the years.

Even the name Helicon... 
was not chosen at random, but carefully selected for its close association with the art of music. Helicon is a mountain range in Greece occupying a very special place in ancient Greek mythology. According to the legends, this is where the patron goddesses for science and art, the MUSES (hence MUSic),
had their home. There were nine of them, all daughters of Zeus the god, each representing an art form or science.

The ”Magic Moments” slogan is at the core of DALI’s purpose: the ultimate in music reproduction. The unique principles that DALI incorporates into each loudspeaker, serve to extract every bit of information from the source and present it at its most breathtaking. There is no purpose in revealing all information if the result is clinical or analytical. This is why we strive to preserve the beauty and integrity of the performance, rather than taking it apart and laying it bare. The difference is striking, and the combination of resolution
and exhilaration is difficult to master. 

The magic result is so essential to us. ”Magic Moments” perfectly describes what we strive to present to you. The techniques and design features of the Helicon range are all of the highest standard.