The Helicon 400 is the impressive "smaller" floor standing speaker in the Helicon Series - standing only in the shadow of the great Helicon 800 - but even in the shadow it shines.

Reviews from around the world have raved about the Helicon 400 and it has received numerous awards. The H400 is the ideal solution, combining good looks with high end sound.

Basically, the H400 is a 2½ way bass reflex speaker with 2 x 6.5" bass/midrange woofers and the proprietary DALI ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module. However, as the dome and the ribbon do not cover the same frequency range, one could call it a 2½ plus ½ way. The advantage is accurate sound with high frequencies suitable for SACD and DVD-Audio recordings. 

As in all Helicon models, the 400 features a luxurious high gloss laquer real wood finish, curved sides and real wood front baffe as well as paper/wood fibre cones and the Hybrid Tweeter Module.

The Helicon Series is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.




Product Series HELICON
Speaker Type Front
Frequency Range (+/- 3 dB) (Hz) 31.5 - 27.000
Crossover Frequencies (Hz) (700) / 3.000 / (13.000)
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m) [dB] 88.0
Nominal Impedance [Ω] 4.0 
Minimum Impedance [Ω] 3.7
Maximum SPL [dB] 111
Recommended Amp. Power [W] 50 - 300 
High Frequency Drivers [mm] 1 x 25 Soft Dome
1 x 10 x 55 Ribbon
Low Frequency Drivers 2 x 6½"
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 32.0
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 1026 x 219 x 457
Weight [kg] (lb) 31.7 (69.7)
Finish High gloss Cherry and Rosenut

HELICON_400_no grill.png