From the internationally respected DALI R&D department comes DALI IKON, but be forewarned - it's not for everyone.

IKONic Sound
Personal preferences are a highly subjective thing and can by definition only be judged individually. You may “like” the sound of one speaker more than another, but when it comes to getting things right, it is no longer a matter of personal taste. It is either right or wrong. Our mission with DALI IKON has been to get things right, not to “tweak” the sound to sugar-coat a particular style of music or to match any personal preferences. We designed DALI IKON to deliver the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And we are proud to declare: “Mission accomplished.”

DALI IKON redefines musical realism at its price point, handling a wide range of music in a natural, powerful, dynamic manner. This level of resolution and transparency reveals everything about the contents and quality of any recording.
But we know that this kind of uncompromising honesty is not for everyone. Can you handle the truth? DALI IKON can.

Made in Denmark!
Our IKON loudspeaker is developed, designed, built, hand-assembled and individually tested (no robots, no assembly lines) in Denmark at our own state of the art R&D and production facility. In the out-sourced, sub-contracted world we live in, this is a rare thing and it is your added assurance that everyone involved in the making of your loudspeakers shares the same commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.