The EUPHONIA MS4 (MS stands for Main Speaker) is the "brother" of the flagship EUPHONIA MS5.

At 38 kg/84 lbs and standing almost 102 cm/41 inches tall, the EUPHONIA MS4 does an impressive visual impression. However, it is not until you actually hear it you understand that they sound even better than they look.

Traditionally, the EUPHONIA MS4 would be characterized a 2½ way bass reflex speaker with its 2 x 6.5" bass/midrange woofers and the proprietary DALI ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module. However, as the dome and the ribbon do not cover the same frequency range, one could call it a 2½ plus ½ way. 

You will find the Hybrid Tweeter Module and the paper/woodfiber cone drivers in every EUPHONIA model - except for the high-powered subwoofer, of course. 

Here's what a few reviewers have to say about EUPHONIA MS4:

Steve Stone from Stereophile Guide to Home Theater (USA)
"The speaker´s fit, finish and attention to fine detail rival those of any speaker regardless of price, and they deliver first-rate overall system performance." "Not only are they genuinely vibrant, but it´s easy to tell which instrument is playing which parts."

Paul Messenger from Hi-Fi Choice (UK)
"There´s much to like about this speaker (MS4), most obviously its impressive suppression of cabinet coloration, but also in the high-class drive unit technology it employs."  "The net result sounds very clean with an impressively wide dynamic range and a solid, deep bass..."

Jim Grudzien from Positive-Feedback (USA)
"...The MS4´s sounded clear, concise, smooth, refined and in no way analytical." "I was very impressed wit the EUPHONIA MS4´s, so much so that I asked the US sales rep. if I could purchase them."

Nic Tatham form Audio & Visual Lifestyle Magazine (USA)
"...with the MS4´s it´s an effortless delivery of all of the music´s core components." "The MS4´s deliver it all, speed, weight, attack and all with seemingly limitless dynamic headroom"

Udo Pipper from Stereo magazine (Germany)
"EUPHONIA MS4 sets the standards in regard to low and high-frequency definition; it is outstanding for its beautiful workmanship and still keeps a favorable price."

Alvin Gold from Hi-Fi News magazine (UK)
"...here is a range of loudspeakers that will shake things up for the more familiar brands..." "This is a speaker that suited whatever I was listening to..." "You can hear what this speaker is about with ease. There is nothing pushy or obvious about the MS4. Just the opposite. It is subtle, even relaxed in its demeanour, but it is astonishingly good at showing what is on your recordings, without unnecessarily pulling them to shreds."

The EUPHONIA Series is developed, designed, hand-built, assembled and individually tested at the DALI factory in Denmark.



Product Series EUPHONIA
Speaker Type Front
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 33 - 28,000
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 88.0
Nominal Impedance [Ω] 4
Maximum SPL [dB] 111
Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 50 - 350
Crossover Frequency [Hz] 3,000 / (15,000)
High Frequency Drivers 1 x 10 x 55 mm  Ribbon
1 x 29 mm  Soft Textile Dome
Low Frequency Driver 2 x 6½"  Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 31.5
Recommended Placement Floor
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] > 25
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 1020 x 220 x 425
Weight [kg] 38.0
Accessories Included Manual
Spikes M12
Terminal Links
Finish Alpi Veneer
Cherry Veneer
Maple Veneer

DALI euphonia MS4.png